Taking advantage of the fact that students with autism are good at using technology, including computers and mobile, the city-headquartered Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is developing an e-learning tool for these children.

The tool has loads of animated lessons supported by sounds and music, multimedia characters and colourful presentations, which promise to engage students with autism in the learning lessons.

Besides, it will also help assess and evaluate the student’s progress and customise his profile as per his learning needs.

Educators at special schools will also be able to develop student-specific courses or lessons useful for one particular student.

For example, an educator at a special school can fix a time period for a student with autism to complete an English vocabulary exercise. The student will have to complete usage of particular words in sentences in a fixed timeframe. The duration and the exercise will be updated in the tool developed by the C-DAC and the student will be asked to complete it during the school hours. The words in the tool will appear in animated form with multimedia examples to make the exercise interesting.

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