Reach for the APPs wants every child on the autistic spectrum to gain access to iPads through their schools. This non-profit organization, which launches today, is partnering with school districts across the country to provide special needs students with greater access to this technology. offers people and organizations the opportunity to donate both money and/or iPads, with all of the proceeds going toward the distribution of iPads and apps to schools throughout the country. The site was built with a donation from Managed Digital.
iPad apps have proven successful in helping children with autism, many of whom cannot speak or have significant language delays, to better communicate with the world around them. Improvements in communication can also help reduce frustration among children on the spectrum and vastly increase their ability to learn.

Given the coordination or learning difficulties many children on the spectrum experience, the iPad touch screen is easier to manipulate than more traditional educational tools. Many apps can help develop fine-motor skills, which promote functions like writing or manipulating small objects. Some experts say the iPad lessens the symptoms of the disorder, helping children deal with life’s sensory overload. For example, various apps help children learn to handle social situations that can be stressful, like crowds at malls.

An estimated 1-in-88 children have some form of autism, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports. This is a 78 percent increase from just a decade ago.

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